Discover Guadeloupe from an other point of view

Aqua Lodge in Saint François

Located at the east of Guadeloupe, Saint-François is a peaceful town, famous for tourism, it is easy to discover the Mainland. Climb to the top of the Pointe des Chateaux, enjoy a fried octopus at the restaurant "Le Colombo", take a bath in the beautiful beach of Grande Saline, before cooling off with a delicious coconut sorbet, here is what may look like a day at Saint- François.

Featured in Saint-François


Many untouched beaches bordering Saint François. The lagoon beach, Grande Saline, La Coulée, La Douche ... many sandy beaches where you can swim in the warm and crystal clear waters.


Golf is your passion? Imagine making 18 holes in glorious sunshine, and going back to relax on your Aqua Lodge admiring the sunset. At St. François, it is possible!


At night, St. François is a welcoming city, with its marina and many restaurants, and a casino for the gamblers. With your dinghy, you can access easily to the marina and walk to enjoy the various activities.

Combined pack possible

Aqua Lodge in Les Saintes

Les Saintes is a place where time has stopped. From your arrival with the shuttle, you will definitely be surprised by the scenery, the Bay of Les Saintes being described as one of the finest in the world. I promise, you will not be disappointed by staying in Les Saintes!

Not to miss in Les Saintes


Les Saintes offer many wonderful places for lovers of diving and snorkeling. Snorkeling at Pain de Sucre or diving at Sec Pâté, you can access some sites by yourself or contact accredited scuba diving centers.


One of the best place of Les Saintes is Fort Napoleon. If the more adventurous opt to walk their, others will prefer scooters, bicycles or electric cars. From above, the point of view is gorgeous, you will be amazed!


Les Saintes are also known for the cuisine! Do not miss the specialties such as fish crepes or "Tourment d'amour" for sale right out of the shuttle exit. Many restaurants welcome you for lunch and dinner, often the feet in the sand!

And why not both ?

Many tourists choose to sleep in different places during their stay to minimize trips and take full advantage of Guadeloupe islands. Aqua Lodge make it possible! Contact us to benefit from our combined trips between St. Francois and Les Saintes.

Our teams know Guadeloupe well and will also help and advise you after your stay if you want to spend several weeks on our islands or the surrounding islands.

New: Aqua Lodge now in Martinique!

Aqua Lodge at Le Marin

Since 2020, we have also been offering an experience in our Aqua Lodge in Le Marin, Martinique. Located in the south of the island, Le Marin is considered the most beautiful bay in Martinique. A few strokes from your Aqua Lodge, you can enjoy many nautical activities but also bars and restaurants to taste the gastronomic creole pleasures of Martinique, not to mention the many beaches that are close to the town, and the boats that offer you excursions to the other islands, starting from the marina.

Not to miss at Le Marrin


The Marin is a tourist town with its many bars and restaurants which will allow you to enjoy the bay while relaxing and tasting the local cuisine.

Morne Gommier

On board of your Aqua Lodge, you may want to take to the skies. Direction Le Gommier black which will offer you a breathtaking view of Martinique.


Great beaches are located close to the Marin such as Cap Macré beach, Grosse Roche cove, Borgnèse tip or even Grand Macabou beach.

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    I didn't expect that, it was above expectation. It is a bit like to be on a yacht during few days...


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    We enjoy the space on rooms, the design, comfortable overall. Lot of attention in details, have to come back as soon as possible.


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    I am enjoying it right now, I recommend it to everyone! A paradisiac environment, long live Aqua Lodge...


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    Beautiful luxury apartment but cut off on the sea...


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    We had a great family holiday in the Aqua Lodge at Pain de Sucre in Les Saintes, a true paradise! The equipment is perfect, everything was made for cooking, recreation, comfort, facilities on the water.


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    A dream week-end in one the most beautiful bay of the world...


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    Very happy with our stay, we especially liked to find, on arrival, a resort in line with our expectations, you get what you see on the teaser! We will not hesitate to repeat the experience and recommend to our friends and relations ...